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Unsure About The Tools You Need To Use For Your Online Virtual Classes?

Don't Have To Be Anymore. GVC Minimalism Everything For You With Readily Available Schedules, Assignments, Automated Attendance And Many More.

Unlike other softwares it’s simple and easy to schedule classes

You have the freedom as a Teacher to schedule a class as per your availability just by viewing the calendar at one glance. No more cumbersome work of having to sift through schedules when scheduling your class. GVC's timetable tool will take care if it.

Worried About Missing A Scheduled Class?

GVC puts your worries to rest through Notifications to remind you about your upcoming classes, assignment deadlines etc

Give Your Students The Chance To Come Prepared To The Class.

Share all the important notes when scheduling the class so you don't have to spend time sharing it with your students during the class. Invest this time into something more productive during the class.

Automated Marking Of Attendance

Attendance of a student is marked upon one joining the class but it can also be changed by the end of the class if student is not engaging enough.

Already Using Zoom For Meetings? No Worries!!! Our GVC Tools Work Perfectly Fine With Zoom Integration.

GVC tools seamlessly integrate with Zoom. So, you can reap the benefits of both the platforms
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